Terms & Conditions

1. Qatar Football Family eTournament tickets (for competition) are issued by the Organizing Committee (Qatar Football Association ‘QFA’, Qatar Stars League ‘QSL’), after completing the registration process and paying the fee. You will be entered once you have been entered and are a participant.

2. The Organizing Committee (QFA, QSL) reserves the right to deny registration or exclude any individual or (individuals) from the competition in accordance with the terms of acceptance without refund or compensation in cases of misconduct or fraud. Or non-compliance with laws and provisions.

3. The Organizing Committee (QFA, QSL) reserves the right to make changes related to the date, time and/or venue of any match of the competition.

4. Tickets are not refundable or exchangeable.

5. The participant acknowledges and agrees that he is responsible for playing the matches at the specified time (in the event of any technical problem, the call centre must be informed immediately).

6. A specific time is determined to play the matches and participants must co-ordinate between them to choose the appropriate time for them within the specified period, and in case of disagreement, the call centre must be informed in advance to determine the final time.

7. The participant is excluded in the event of non-compliance with the dates for the matches agreed upon (with no right to a refund of the amount).

8. The participant must abide by all instructions and directives given by the Organizing Committee (QFA, QSL).

9. The participant expressly agrees that the images, sounds, or film materials can be used during the tournament, and that they can be used in the media all over the world without obtaining any amounts or compensation.

10. It is not permissible for the participant to carry out any form of unauthorized commercial marketing of the tournament, and it is not permissible to the rights of the Organizing Committee (QFA, QSL), sponsors or other commercial parties associated with the tournament.

11. The participant may not carry out any unauthorized commercial operations or any other commercial activity without obtaining the prior written approval of the Organizing Committee (QFA, QSL).

12. It is prohibited for the participant to transmit or assist in transmitting or sending any report or photos or reproducing the match (a photo report) without the prior approval of the Organizing Committee (QFA, QSL), and participants can only use the pictures or audio recordings. And the visual captured during any match is for private and personal, non-commercial purposes.

13. It is prohibited for the participant to sell tickets to other people with the aim of profiting or defrauding the rules and regulations of the tournament.

14. The participant is expected to be aware of all previous Terms & Conditions of the tournament.